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Drummoyne Waterfront, Drummoyne.

The Drummoyne development was a unique foreshore development of 7 luxury apartments, all with harbour and foreshore views.


The Drummoyne development is a unique foreshore development of 7 luxury apartments. All with harbour and foreshore views, the development is designed to fit within the existing context and streetscape of St Georges Crescent, and is modest in its presence to the street front. Despite its modesty, the rear of the building terraces towards the waterfront, taking advantage of all views to which the apartments enjoy the privilege of each having a large outdoor terrace.

Drummoyne Apartments borrows from the local architecture and re-interprets it to what is seen as a modern take on a suburban style. Using overtly modern lines, in the adaptation linear windows and sun shading, textural properties of building materials and external finishes such as brick work, timber and steel cladding the development introduces a contemporary architecture.

Property details.

  • Address

    6 St Georges Cres, Drummoyne, New South Wales


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